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M/V Atlantis I - Atlantis Adventure Asia
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Diving Daytrips in Phuket and Thailand

Daily dive trips with two or three dives �overnight Phi Phi Island Special with 7 dives�multilingual staff...�professional dive briefings�good service�delicious food�comfort and safety�That�s dive trips with Atlantis!

Diving Phuket General Information:

Dive into the fascinating underwater world surrounding Phuket. No two dive spot are alike. Every island and every reef of the Andaman Sea is a pearl in itself.

Let yourself be enchanted by the coral reefs of Raya Islands. Prepare yourself for an encounter with large fish or sharks at Shark point and Anemone Reef. Experience the fascination of visiting the first, recently sunken Ferry "King Cruiser" and the wall and cavern dives of the Phi Phi Islands.

Wreck diving....King Cruiser

On the 4th of May 1997 the 85 m long and 25 m wide ferry collided with a reef on its way from Phuket to the Phi Phi Islands. As the ferry sank, appr. 2,5 hour later all 600 passengers had been brought into safety. The bottom of the wreck lies at 32 m but the ferry's deck can already be visited at a depth of 12 m. Due to the safe recovery of the ferry's crew and passengers diving at the wreck has already been permitted.

Ideal for Nitrox

Anemone Reef

Anemone reef is only 1,5 hours cruising time from Phuket. The reef starts at 5 m below sea level and is completely covered with anemones and soft corals. A large abundance of fish can be found here too, including leopard sharks, large schools of barracuda, morays, tuna fish and small nurse sharks. Whale sharks can also be encountered here.

Visibility: Up to appr. 25 m
Diving depth: up to appr. 25 m.

Ideal for UW-Photography, UW-Video

Shark Point

Only about 500 m away from Anemone Reef, Shark Point is the first reef in Phuket to be put under nature conservation. Shark Point consists of a row of 3 reefs and acquired its name from the docile leopard sharks, which one can be observed here as they doze in the sand. Of all the dive sites listed it is the reef with the largest variety of different corals.

Visibility: up to appr. 25 m
Diving depth: up to appr. 25 m

Ideal for UW-Naturalists

Raya Islands

Raya Yai: Lying due south of Phuket, Raya Yai can be reached in about 1,5 hours. Raya Yai is an island which has many different dive spots and therefore if you'd like explore them all it's an ideal spot to visit again and again. Raya Yai is an attractive dive destination due to the excellent visibility found here as well as the sloping coral reefs large schools of fish and a small, perfectly safe wreck, the Andaman Explorer.

Visibility: between 20 and 40 m
Diving depth: up to 30 m

Ideal for Drift diving

Raya Noi: This is the most southerly of the dive sites which can be reached on a one - day trip. There is a reef which starts at 10 m and reaches down to 60 m at the southern tip of the island. Large rock formations covered with corals and the chance of seeing manta rays make this dive site something special.

Visibility between 20 and 40 m
Diving depth: up to 40 m

Ideal for Nitrox

Koh Doc Mai

A distance of only 1 hour from Phuket, lies the island Koh Doc Mai. The bizarre rock formations which continue under water are completely overgrown with coral and go on to build smaller coral banks which are home to colorful tropical life. On the eastern side of the island there are also a few accessible caverns.

Visibility between 20 and 40 m
Diving depth: up to 30 m

Ideal for Nitrox

Phi Phi Island

The dive sites around Phi Phi Island offer as much variety as the Andaman Sea itself. Besides dives at bountiful coral reefs Phi Phi Island also has good wall diving and cavern diving to offer. Therefore Calypso Divers has more than just a day trip to Phi Phi Island : try out our Phi_Phi_Island_Special !

Visibility: between 20 and 40 m
Diving depth: up to 30 m

Ideal for Nitrox and Cavern diving


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