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Tourist Safety & Travel Tip

Tourist Safety

Thailand is one of the friendliest and safest travel destinations in the world. Your personal safety is taken well care of in Phuket and the tourist police demonstrates polite and competent attitude all around.

By traveling with confidence, being aware and showing the proper caution, you will surely enjoy your stay.

Still, there are some things travelers should watch out for:

Pickpockets are more likely to be found in tourist areas, on buses, at festivals, and at boat harbors, so keep an eye on your valuables. Bring only what you have to, and leave all else at home or in your hotel safe (for which you should make sure to obtain an authentic receipt).

Credit card fraud is not uncommon in Thailand, so be cautious with your cards, even those left in your hotel room (as hotel clerks have been known to be dishonest), and allow them to be used only at reliable places of business.

Visitors have also been robbed after a stranger who has befriended them slips them a sleeping drug in their food or beverage. Do not accept food or drink from someone you do not know, and be wary of strangers who offer tours of the city or private boat cruises in Bangkok. If you do go on a tour or trek, try to do so with a reputable company.

Penalties for drug possession and dealing in Thailand are harsh, and little distinction is made between the various drugs (e.g. between marijuana and heroin), so you would do well to stay from all of them.

Taking the correct safety precautions will reduce your chances of encountering difficulties while in Thailand.

Travel tip

Thailand is a very safe country to visit, but it is always wise take take some precautions to ensure you have a trouble free holiday.

  • Make sure your room is locked and bolted at night.
  • Always leave valuables, airline tickets and passports in the hotel safety deposit box.
  • If you are approached on the street by someone offering special discounts at shops it's probably a scam - don't go!
  • When traveling by train or bus don't leave valuables in you baggage, and be cautious of strangers offering food or drink.
  • If you hire a vehicle read the terms carefully, and make sure you get proper insurance cover, otherwise you may have to pay for any damage or repairs.
  • Wear reasonable clothing if you ride a motorcycle. A minor spill when wearing shorts can ruin your holiday.
  • Driving standards in Thailand leave a lot to be desired so take extra care.
  • If you hire a water scooter or jet ski wear a life jacket and keep away from areas where people are swimming.

Thailand has a special tourist police force which was founded to assist visitors. The officers are multilingual and will deal with theft, accidents and disputes.


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